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Table 3 Comparison of features offered by different secure deletion approaches for HDDs-based storage systems

From: Ensuring data confidentiality via plausibly deniable encryption and secure deletion – a survey

Scheme Method Layer Deletion granularity
Degaussers (Kissel et al. 2006) Degaussing Physical medium The entire
    storage medium
Secure erase commands (2016, 2017) Overwriting-based Controller The entire
    storage medium
Reardon et al. (Reardon et al. 2013) Encryption-based Block device Single file
Bauer et al. (Bauer and Priyantha 2001) Overwriting-based File system (EXT2) Single file
Purgefs (Joukov and Zadok 2005) Overwriting-based File system (EXT2) Single file
Joukov et al. (Joukov et al. 2006) Overwriting-based File system (EXT3) Single file
Peterson et al. (Peterson et al. 2005) Encryption-based File system Single file
File overwriting tools (Jagdmann 2015; Durak 2006) Overwriting-based Application Single file
Gracewipe (Zhao and Mannan 2015) Encryption-based Application The entire
    storage medium
Stahlberg et al. (Stahlberg et al. 2007) Based on overwriting Application (for database) Single entry/record
and SQLite (SQLite: Pragma statements 2017) and encryption