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Table 5 Comparison of features offered by secure deletion approaches designed to handle impacts created by past existence of the deleted data

From: Ensuring data confidentiality via plausibly deniable encryption and secure deletion – a survey

  NFPS (Jia et al. 2016) TedFlash (Chen et al. 2016) HIFS (Bajaj and Sion 2013b; Bajaj et al. 2016) HiFlash (Chen and Sion 2015) Ficklebase (Bajaj and Sion 2013a)
Method to sanitize data Overwriting Encryption Overwriting Overwriting Encryption
Method to sanitize past impacts Partial scrubbing Random placement technique History independent hash table One-one mapping Versioning, query rewriting
Layer Controller (FTL) Controller (FTL) File system Controller (FTL) Application