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Table 1 The category of actions on Android

From: DroidEcho: an in-depth dissection of malicious behaviors in Android applications

Category Operation Action Example Corresponding Implementation
Information-based acquire get SMS message ContentResolver.query(Inbox)
  insert insert a contact ContentResolver.insert(Contact)
  edit change system setting Wallpaper.setBitmap(Image)
  delete delete local files File.delete()
Software-based invoke call a number startActivity(Intent{tel:num})
  interrupt block SMS messages abortBroadcast()
  stop uninstall an app startActivity(Intent{pkg:app})
Hardware-based occupy hold the wakelock WakeLock.aquire()
  release release the wakelock WakeLock.release()
Communication e_send send data to environment sendTextMessage(SMS)
  e_recv receive data from environment getMessagesFromIntent(Intent)
  i_send send data to other component startService(Intent)
  i_recv receive data from other component getIntent(Intent)