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Table 7 Sample results of attributes key/value pairs of several subject elements in our dataset

From: Automated extraction of attributes from natural language attribute-based access control (ABAC) Policies

Policy element (dataset) Attribute
  Short name/cluster label Value space
Professor (IBM App) Employment_type Full-time, part-time
  Track Tenure, non-tenure
  Department Of economics, department
   of informatics, at the college
   of information sciences,
   at the department of finance
  College At the business school
  University At the university of newcastle,
   At the university of nsw
Lab technician (iTrust) Rank Senior, junior
  Affiliation At the cancer research lab
  Working_hours On - call, first - shift,
   second - shift
  Qualification With a bachelor’s degree,
   with IHC certificate
Administrator (iTrust) Rank Senior, junior, associate
  Affiliation General hospital, children’s
   Hospital weman’s hospital
  Authorization Licensed, unlicensed
Author (CyberChair) Type Corresponding, contributing
  1. The value space of each attribute is detected as discussed in the “Module 2: Suggesting attributes short names” subsection