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Table 1 Summary of the surveyed platform specific and platform independent access control frameworks

From: Access control technologies for Big Data management systems: literature review and future trends

AC framework Target platform AC model Max granularity Context support Efficiency
GuardMR (Ulusoy et al. 2015) Hadoop RBAC K,V pair No Medium/High
Vigiles (Ulusoy et al. 2014) Hadoop DAC K,V pair No Medium/High
HeAC (Gupta et al. 2017) Hadoop RBAC K,V pair No Not available
K-VAC (Kulkarni 2013) Cassandra/ HBase DAC Cell Yes High
Shalabi and Gudes (2017) Cassandra RBAC Cell No Not available
Mem (Colombo and Ferrari 2017a) MongoDB RBAC Document No High
ConfinedMem (Colombo and Ferrari 2016) MongoDB DAC Field Yes Medium/Low
Colombo and Ferrari (2017b) All those supporting SQL++ ABAC Cell/Field Yes Medium
Longstaff and Noble (2016) Not clear ABAC Cell/Field Yes Not available