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Table 1 Notations used in Group-Author model

From: Group topic-author model for efficient discovery of latent social astroturfing groups in tourism domain

Notation Description
N w The number of words in a review.
N p The number of products in the dataset.
N u The number of reviewer in a single product.
G The number of latent groups.
g The group assignments for all reviewers.
θ The G dimension group distribution.
α The Dirichlet prior for group assignments distributions.
x A reviewer of a product.
ϕ Reviewer Distribution associated with a group.
β The Dirichlet prior for word
l The sentiment label of a review.
z The sentiment distribution associated with a group.
π The Dirichlet prior for sentiment distribution.
w A word in a review.
γ Words distribution associated with a sentiment label and a reviewer.
φ The Dirichlet prior for words distribution.