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Table 1 Outline of the paper

From: An emerging threat Fileless malware: a survey and research challenges

IntroductionThe change in cybersecurity threat-landscape and associated threat actors over time, especially in malware perspective from traditional file-based malware to fileless malware. This section also includes the motivation and contribution of this survey.
Background of Fileless MalwareThis section explains the definition of fileless malware and exploits mechanism with tools through which the initial infection of fileless malware.
Analysis of Fileless Malware Based on Their Persistent TechniquesThis section have the analysis of the behavior of fileless malwares and classify them into their persistent mechanism to hide and execute into the targeted systems.
Detection Techniques for Fileless MalwareThis section presents the prevention and detection systems are used to detect the malicious programs running in memory, leaving no physical file on the compromised system. The section presents the detection mechanism to detect these type of malicious programs.
Proposed Process Model for Incident ResponseA novel investigative framework is proposed to break-down the analysis into simple steps for effective detection and analysis of root-cause of such attacks.
Research ChallengesThe problems which are facing by the state-of-art investigation procedure in each step are explained in detail.
ConclusionIn this section, we concluded the paper.