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Table 12 A Summary of the social engineering scenarios

From: Predicting individuals’ vulnerability to social engineering in social networks

Type of Trick Message Risk-level
1. Phishing – requesting sensitive information such as the user’s email and real name in order to win an iPhone 7 or £100 voucher. Winner picked tonight
Like = free iphone7
Comment = £100 voucher
To contact you if you win,
Enter your email and name here
2. Clickjacking with an executable file- a post about a shocking and a very important document that is shown in the post as a pdf file with the mouse pointer positioned on the link and the actual URL in the status bar indicates that the document is an executable file. I don’t want to believe. I just read this document. You must read it. it is very important for all public. Please someone tell me that is a lie. High
3. Clickjacking- a post that includes a video that direct the user to an ambiguous link. However, this type of link is a low-risk since the link could be either a malicious link or a safe link; it is not clear and not safe to risk and clicks in such links. Video: The most shocking viedo you will every watch!! Low
4. Malware- offering an application that allows users to call and message their friends free of charge if they ignore the warning message and give permission to the application to access their profile and contact information. Download this app. It’s works perfect for calling out or messaging. All you need is Wi-Fi. High
5. Phishing scam- a threatening message pretended to be from Facebook support team asking the user to re-confirm his/her account or blocking the account. The link in the message is the original Facebook site, but the actual URL displayed in the status bar is, which is apparently a phishing site. Your account is at risk!
Please re-confirm your account to avoid plocking, if you are the original owner of this account.
Please re-confirm you account by following this link here:
if you don’t confirm our system will automatically block your account and will not be able to use it again.
6. Click on a safe link- YouTube video that shows recent news, the link appears in the bottom status bar shows a YouTube short link. Such short URLs could be either malicious links or safe links. OMG..Tsunami hitting again Low