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Table 1 How to integrate existing supply chain models

From: Cyber risk at the edge: current and future trends on cyber risk analytics and artificial intelligence in the industrial internet of things and industry 4.0 supply chains

How to integrate existing supply chain models
Consensus on objectives (Leng and Chen 2012; Qu et al. 2010; Sakka et al. 2011)
Best level of integration (Frohlich and Westbrook 2001)
Organisational compatibility (Mentzer et al. 2001)
Willingness to integrate operations (Bryceson and Slaughter 2010; Córdova et al. 2012; Frohlich and Westbrook 2001; Jayaram and Tan 2010; Kaplan and Norton 1996; Perez-Franco 2016; Prajogo and Olhager 2012; Sukati et al. 2012)
Supply chain integration (Al-Mudimigh et al. 2004; Frohlich and Westbrook 2001; Manthou et al. 2004; Vickery et al. 2003)
Individual integration obstacles (Nikulin et al. 2013)
Network design (Dotoli et al. 2005)
Supply chain hierarchical tree (Qu et al. 2010)
Supply chain decomposition (Schnetzler et al. 2007)
Aligning strategy with digital technology (Li et al. 2016)
Internet-enabled collaborative e-supply-chains (Pramatari et al. 2009)
Integration of electronic supply chains (Yen et al. 2004)