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Table 3 How to integrate cloud technologies in supply chain management

From: Cyber risk at the edge: current and future trends on cyber risk analytics and artificial intelligence in the industrial internet of things and industry 4.0 supply chains

How to integrate cloud technologies in supply chain management
Integrate cloud technologies (Akinrolabu et al. 2019; Giordano et al. 2016; Ribeiro et al. 2010; Shafiq et al. 2015; Thramboulidis 2015; Wahlster et al. 2013)
Internet-based system and service platforms (Dillon et al. 2011; La and Kim 2010; Wahlster et al. 2013; Wan et al. 2015; Weyer et al. 2015)
IIoT processes and services (Hussain 2017; Stock and Seliger 2016)
Industrial value chain (Brettel et al. 2016; Hermann et al. 2016; Wang et al. 2016)
Value creation and value capture (Müller et al. 2018)
Machine decision making (Evans and Annunziata 2012; L. Wang 2013)
Service oriented architecture (La and Kim 2010; L. Wang et al. 2016; Weyer et al. 2015)
Cloud distributed manufacturing planning (Faller and Feldmüller 2015; Posada et al. 2015)
Compiling of data, processes, devices and systems (De Roure et al. 2019a, 2019b; Evans and Annunziata 2012; Shafiq et al. 2015)
Model-driven manufacturing systems (Jensen et al. 2011; Shi et al. 2011; Wang et al. 2014)
Model-based development platforms (Ringert et al. 2015; Stojmenovic 2014)
Social manufacturing (Bauer et al. 2015; Lee et al. 2014; Shadbolt et al. 2019; Wahlster et al. 2013; Wan et al. 2015)
Mechanisms for real-time distribution (David De Roure et al. 2015; Kang et al. 2012; Shi et al. 2011; Tan et al. 2008)