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Table 7 Design principles emerging from the case study

From: Cyber risk at the edge: current and future trends on cyber risk analytics and artificial intelligence in the industrial internet of things and industry 4.0 supply chains

Supply chain integration - I4.0
  Supply chain design - I4.0
I4.0 technological trends Cloud integration of CPS and IIoT in I4.0 Real-time CPS and IIoT in I4.0 Autonomous cognitive decisions for CPS and IIoT in I4.0 Recovery plans for CPS and IIoT in I4.0
IIC2016 1. Cloud-computing platforms. 1. Adapt businesses and operational models in real time;
2. Customized product offers and marketing in real time.
1. Fully connected and automated production line;
2. Support highly automated and human operated environments.
Gap - disaster recovery mentioned, but not incorporated.
DCMS, 2016 1. Cloud technology skills;
2. Cloud computing technologies;
3. Cloud data centres;
4. Cloud-based software;
5. Cloud-based computing;
6. Cloud guidance.
1. Digital real-time and interoperable records;
2. Platform for real-time information.
1. UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems;
2. Support for robotics and artificial intelligence;
3. Encourage automation of industrial processes;
4. Active Cyber Defence.
IVI2017 1. Cloud enabled monitoring;
2. Integration framework in cloud computing.
Gap 1. Factory Automation Suppliers and IT vendors;
2. Utilisation of Robot Program Assets by CPS.s
Industrie 4.0 1. CPS automated systems;
2. Automated conservation of resources.
1. Cloud computing;
2. Cloud-based security networks.
1. Automated production;
2. Automated conservation of recourses.
NTI, 2015 Gap Gap 1. Artificial intelligence and control systems Gap