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Table 1 Acronyms used in this paper

From: Server-aided immediate and robust user revocation mechanism for SM9

MPKmaster public keyMSKmaster secret key
IDithe i-th user’s identity\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}{\sf SK}_{{\sf ID}_{i}}\)the i-th user’s secret key
ctrthe time counterSSKctrthe server secret key related to ctr
\(\mathbb {L}\)the user revocation listmmessage to be encrypted
Kthe derived symmetric key\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}{\sf CT}_{{\sf ID}_{i}}\)ciphertext that sent to the i-th user
\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}{\sf CT}_{{\sf ID}_{i}, {\sf ctr}}\)ciphertext that sent to i-th user related to ctr\(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}{\sf TCT}_{{\sf ID}_{i}}\)transformed ciphertext that sent to i-th user