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Table 1 List of criteria we used to choose representative work for each research topic

From: Using deep learning to solve computer security challenges: a survey

Order of Criteria for Paper Selection 1 2 3 4
RFBNN (Shin et al. 2015) Pioneer Top Novelty Citation
EKLAVYA (Chua et al. 2017) Top Novelty Citation N/A
ROPNN (Li et al. 2018) Pioneer Novelty Effectiveness N/A
HeNet (Chen et al. 2018) Effectiveness Novelty Citation N/A
Barnum (Yagemann et al. 2019) Pioneer Novelty N/A N/A
CFG-CNN (Phan et al. 2017) Representative N/A N/A N/A
50b(yte)-CNN(Millar et al. 2018) Novelty Effectiveness N/A N/A
PCNN (Zhang et al. 2019) Novelty Effectiveness N/A N/A
Resenberg (Rosenberg et al. 2018) Novelty Effectiveness Top Representative
DeLaRosa (De La Rosa et al. 2018) Novelty Representative N/A N/A
DeepLog (Du et al. 2017) Pioneer Top Citation N/A
DeepMem (Song et al. 2018) Pioneer Top N/A N/A
NeuZZ (Shi and Pei 2019) Novelty Top Effectiveness N/A
Learn & Fuzz (Godefroid et al. 2017) Pioneer Novelty Top N/A