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Table 10 Dependent sensors and actuators of some design-derived invariants for SWaT and WADI

From: Deriving invariant checkers for critical infrastructure using axiomatic design principles

Invariant ID CPS Dependent Components Notes
#1 SWaT LIT-101, MV-101 Single-stage
#2 SWaT P-401/402, FIT-501 Multi-stage
#3 SWaT P-101/102, MV-201, LIT-301 Multi-stage
#4 SWaT P-203, MV-201, AIT-202 Single-stage
#5 WADI 1-MV-001, 1-MV-005, 1-LIT-001 Single-stage
#6 WADI 2-MV-001 and 2-LIT-001 Single-stage
#7 WADI 1-P-005, 2-MV-003, 2-LIT-002 Multi-stage
#8 WADI 1-P-005, 1-P-006, 2-MV-003, 2-LIT-002 Multi-stage