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Table 4 Linking SWaT’s second-level decomposition of FRs to dependent DPs

From: Deriving invariant checkers for critical infrastructure using axiomatic design principles

Functional Requirements (FRs) Design Parameters (DPs)
FR1.1: Pump raw water from stage one to UF feed tank in stage three DP1.1: P-101, P-102
  DP1.1.1: P-101; Other DPs: DP2.1(LIT-101), DP2.2(LIT-301), DP7.1(MV-201)
  DP1.1.2: P-102; Other DPs: DP2.1(LIT-101), DP2.2(LIT-301), DP7.1(MV-201)
FR1.2: Pump water from stage three to RO feed tank in stage four DP1.2: P-301, P-302
  DP1.2.1: P-301; Other DPs: DP2.2(LIT-301), DP2.3(LIT-401), DP7.1(MV-302)
  DP1.2.2: P-302; Other DPs: DP2.2(LIT-301), DP2.3(LIT-401), DP7.1(MV-302)
FR1.3: Pump water from stage four through de-chlorination system DP1.3: P-401, P-402
  DP1.3.1: P-401; Other DPs: DP1.4(P-501,P-502), DP2.3(LIT-401)
  DP1.3.2: P-402; Other DPs: DP1.4(P-501,P-502), DP2.3(LIT-401)
FR1.4: Pump (VSD) water from stage five to tanks in stage six DP1.4: P-501, P-502
  DP1.4.1: P-501; Other DPs: DP1.3(P-401,P-402), DP7.1(MV-501)
  DP1.4.2: P-502; Other DPs: DP1.3(P-401,P-402), DP7.1(MV-501)
FR1.5: Pump water from RO permeate tank to raw water tank in stage one DP1.5: P-601; Other DPs: DP2.1(LIT-101), DP2.4(LS-601)
FR1.6: Pump water for UF backwash system DP1.6: P-602; Other DPs: DP2.5(LS-602), DP7.1(MV-301)
FR1.7: Pump water for RO/UF cleaning DP1.7: P-603; Other DPs: DP2.6(LS-603)
FR2.1: Determine water level in raw water tank of stage one DP2.1: LIT-101; Other DPs: DP1.1(P-101,P-102), DP1.5(P-601), DP2.4(LS-601), DP7.1(MV-101)
FR2.2: Determine water level in UF feed tank of stage three DP2.2: LIT-301; Other DPs: DP1.1(P-101,P-102), DP1.2(P-301,P-302), DP7.1(MV-201)
FR2.3: Determine water level in RO feed tank of stage four DP2.3: LIT-401; Other DPs: DP1.2(P-301,P-302), DP1.3(P-401,P-402), DP7.1(MV-302)
FR2.4: Determine water level in RO permeate tank of stage six DP2.4: LS-601; Other DPs: DP1.5(P-601), DP2.1(LIT-101)
FR2.5: Determine water level in UF backwash tank of stage six DP2.5: LS-602; Other DPs: DP1.6(P-602), DP7.1(MV-301)
FR2.6: Determine water level in CIP tank of stage six DP2.6: LS-603; Other DPs: DP1.7(P-603), DP7.1(MV-301)
FR3.1: Measure raw water flow rate in stage one DP3.1: FIT-101; Other DPs: DP2.1(LIT-101), DP7.1(MV-101)
FR3.2: Measure water flow rate in stage two DP3.2: FIT-201; Other DPs: DP1.1(P-101,P-102), DP2.2(LIT-301), DP7.1(MV-201)
FR3.3: Measure water flow rate in stage three DP3.3: FIT-301; Other DPs: DP1.2(P-301,P-302), DP2.3(LIT-401), DP7.1(MV-302)
FR3.84: Measure water flow rate in stage four DP3.4: FIT-401; Other DPs: DP1.3(P-401,P-402), DP2.3(LIT-401)
FR3.5: Measure water flow rate in stage five DP3.5: FIT-501,FIT-502,FIT-503,FIT-504
  DP3.5.1: FIT-501; Other DPs: DP1.3(P-401,P-402)
  DP3.5.2: FIT-502; Other DPs: DP1.4(P-501,P-502)
  DP3.5.3: FIT-503; Other DPs: DP1.4(P-501,P-502)
  DP3.5.4: FIT-504; Other DPs: DP1.3(P-401,P-402)
FR3.6: Measure water flow rate in stage six DP3.6: FIT-601; Other DPs: DP1.6(P-602), DP2.5(LS-602), DP7.1(MV-301)
FR4.1: Calculate chemical properties of water DP4.1: AIT-201,AIT-202,AIT-203,AIT-301,AIT-302,AIT-303,
  DP4.1.1: AIT-201; Other DPs: DP1.1.1(P-101), DP1.1.2(P-102)
  DP4.1.2: AIT-202; Other DPs: DP1.1.1(P-101), DP1.1.2(P-102)
  DP4.1.3: AIT-203; Other DPs: DP1.1.1(P-101), DP1.1.2(P-102)
  DP4.1.4: AIT-301; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302)
  DP4.1.5: AIT-302; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302)
  DP4.1.6: AIT-303; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302)
  DP4.1.7: AIT-401; Other DPs: DP1.3.1(P-401), DP1.3.2(P-402)
  DP4.1.8: AIT-402; Other DPs: DP1.3.1(P-401), DP1.3.2(P-402)
  DP4.1.9: AIT-501; Other DPs: DP1.3.1(P-401), DP1.3.2(P-402)
  DP4.1.10: AIT-502; Other DPs: DP1.3.1(P-401), DP1.3.2(P-402)
  DP4.1.11: AIT-503; Other DPs: DP1.3.1(P-401), DP1.3.2(P-402)
  DP4.1.11: AIT-504; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
FR5.1: Pump chemicals to water DP5.1: P-201,P-202,P-203,P-204,P-205,P-206,P-207,P-208,P-403,P-404
  DP5.1.1: P-201; Other DPs: DP4.1.1(AIT-201), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.2: P-202; Other DPs: DP4.1.1(AIT-201), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.3: P-203; Other DPs: DP4.1.2(AIT-202), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.4: P-204; Other DPs: DP4.1.2(AIT-202), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.5: P-205; Other DPs: DP4.1.3(AIT-203), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.6: P-206; Other DPs: DP4.1.3(AIT-203), DP7.1.2(MV-201)
  DP5.1.7: P-207; Other DPs: DP4.1.5(AIT-302)
  DP5.1.8: P-208; Other DPs: DP4.1.5(AIT-302)
  DP5.1.9: P-403; Other DPs: DP4.1.8(AIT-402)
  DP5.1.10: P-404; Other DPs: DP4.1.8(AIT-402)
FR6.1: Measure UF filter differential pressure DP6.1: DPIT-301; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302), DP7.1(MV-302)
FR6.2: Measure RO membrane inlet pressure DP6.2: PIT-501; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
FR6.3: Measure RO membrane pressure DP6.3: PIT-502; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502), DP7.1.7(MV-501),
FR6.4: Measure RO reject pressure DP6.4: PIT-503; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502), DP7.1.8(MV-502),
FR7.1: Control water flow direction DP7.1: MV-101,MV-201,MV-301,MV-302,MV-303,MV-304,MV-501,MV-502,MV-503,MV-504
  DP7.1.1: MV-101; Other DPs: DP2.1(LIT-101)
  DP7.1.2: MV-201; Other DPs: DP1.1.1(P-101), DP1.1.2(P-102), DP2.2(LIT-301)
  DP7.1.3: MV-301; Other DPs: DP1.6(P-602), DP2.5(LS-602), DP2.6(LS-603)
  DP7.1.4: MV-302; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302), DP2.3(LIT-401)
  DP7.1.5: MV-303; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302)
  DP7.1.6: MV-304; Other DPs: DP1.2.1(P-301), DP1.2.2(P-302)
  DP7.1.7: MV-501; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
  DP7.1.8: MV-502; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
  DP7.1.9: MV-503; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
  DP7.1.10: MV-504; Other DPs: DP1.4.1(P-501), DP1.4.2(P-502)
FR8.1: Determine NaCl level in NaCl tank of stage two DP8.1: LS-201; Other DPs: DP5.1.1(P-201), DP5.1.2(P-202)
FR8.2: Determine HCl level in HCl tank of stage two DP8.2: LS-202; Other DPs: DP5.1.3(P-203), DP5.1.4(P-204)
FR8.3: Determine NaOCl level in NaOCl tank of stage two DP8.3: LS-203; Other DPs: DP5.1.5(P-205), DP5.1.6(P-206), DP5.1.7(P-207), DP5.1.8(P-208)
FR8.4: Determine NaHSO3 level in NaHSO3 tank of stage four DP8.4: LS-401; Other DPs: DP5.1.9(P-403), DP5.1.10(P-404)