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Table 1 Attacks launched on SWaT and WADI

From: Cascading effects of cyber-attacks on interconnected critical infrastructure

Attack design
Attack Intention Target CI and Procedure
A1 RO permeate tank overflow Pump P601 Attack sequence:
    1. Stealthy attack on 1_LT_001
    2. Replay attack on 1_FIT_001
A2 Damage P501 Increase speed of P501 to meet the demand  
    Increase consumer tank m demand in stage P2
A3 Drain the RO permeate tank in SWaT - Attack on water quality sensors in P1 stage
A4 Cut-off water supply to the consumer tanks in WADI Attack sequence:  
   1. Attack on P-601, LS601  
   2. Attack on P-501  
   3. Attack on P-401, LT-401 -