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Table 1 Comparison of this survey and similar surveys: (✔: Topic is covered, ✖ the topic is not covered)

From: A critical review of intrusion detection systems in the internet of things: techniques, deployment strategy, validation strategy, attacks, public datasets and challenges

Survey Intrusion Detection System Techniques Attacks on IoT Validation Strategy Deployment Strategy IoT Dataset
Supervised Unsupervised Semi-supervised Ensemble methods Deep Learning
Lunt (Lunt, 1988)
Axelsson (Axelsson, 2000)
Liao, et al. (Liao et al., 2013b)
Agrawal and Agrawal (Agrawal & Agrawal, 2015)
Buczak and Guven (Buczak & Guven, 2016)
Zarpelao, et al. (Zarpelao et al., 2017)
Khraisat, et al. (Khraisat et al., 2019a)
This survey