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Table 4 The indicators about license

From: Evaluation indicators for open-source software: a review

Paper # Indicator Affected by License Correlation Indicator Affect License Correlation
Lerner (2005) Project activity N.A. N.A. N.A.
  Developers number Negative Target user (end-users et al.) Positive
  Bugs or errors N.A. Language (English) Negative
Stewart et al. (2005) Project popularity Negative N.A. N.A.
  Project activity Negative N.A. N.A.
Colazo et al. (2009) Developer number Positive N.A. N.A.
  Coding activity level Positive N.A. N.A.
  Developer permanence Positive N.A. N.A.
  Development speed Positive N.A. N.A.
Sen et al. (2008) N.A. N.A. Motivation/Attitude Positive
Senyard and Michlmayr (2004) Developer number Positive N.A. N.A