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Table 6 The indicators about developer

From: Evaluation indicators for open-source software: a review

Paper # Quantification Indicator Affect Developer Correlation
  Add new features   
Raymond (1999) Fix bugs N.A. N.A.
  Release new versions   
   Social values  
Markus et al. (2000) N.A. (Altruism, reputation, Positive
   and ideology)  
Crowston et al. (2003) Developer type N.A. N.A.
  Developer satisfaction   
Crowston et al. (2004) Bug fixing time N.A. N.A.
  Project activity   
Fershtman et al. (2004) Output of each developer License Negative
  - License Negative
Subramaniam (2009) Developer interest Target audience Unsureness
  Activity level User interest Positive
Garousi (2009) Developers N.A. N.A.
  Bug-fixing performance   
Midha et al. (2012) Developers (CVS log files) N.A. N.A.
  - Project centrality Positive
Wu et al. (2007) Project activity Project density Negative
  Popularity Financial support Positive
Colazo (2005) Developers N.A. N.A.
  and its contribution   
  Follower - -
Tsay et al. (2012) Projects owned Task focus Positive
  Projects contributed Work concentration Positive
Colazo et al. (2009) Activity level Copyleft Positive
  Developer permanence   
  Development speed   
  Project activity   
Lerner (2005) Developers N.A. N.A.
  Bugs or errors   
Senyard and Michlmayr (2004) N.A. Leadership Positive
   Communication effectiveness Positive
Hata et al. (2015) N.A. Documents Positive
   Social values Positive
   Popularity Positive
Fronchetti et al. (2019) N.A. Documents Positive
   Project age Positive
   Program languages Positive
  1. 1Task focus presents how much focus developer has contributed on projects
  2. 2Work concentration presents how much developers have contributed for a certain project in all his projects