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Table 4 Structure of the proposed block root-of-trust \(J_i\)

From: Indexing structures for the PLS blockchain

Offset (bits) Field Size (bits) Description
0 \(T_i\) 256 Root hash of the Merkle Tree for the new block \(B_i\)
Built using new user-IDs
256 n,m 24 n: total number of users, m: how many present
280 Flags \(\phi\) 8 Bits 0,1: bitmap type (plain, compressed, list, empty)
Bit 2: (0: \(w=4\), 1: \(w=8\))
Bits 3–7: pre-randomisation parameter (see next section)
288 Bitmap M \(L\le 1024\) Processed bitmap content
\(L+288\) Redundancy 32 All zeros, for PLS validation