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Table 1 Overview of the primary IoT security pattern and architecture studies

From: A decade of research on patterns and architectures for IoT security

Paper # Year Title (click to open the corresponding publication) \(\mathrm {v}\)   \(\mathrm {f}\)
Vijayakumaran et al. (2020) 2020 A reliable next generation cyber security architecture for industrial internet of things environment ( C A
Vithya Vijayalakshmi and Arockiam (2020) 2020 A secured architecture for IoT healthcare system ( C A
Portal et al. (2020) 2020 An edge decentralized security architecture for industrial IoT applications ( C A
Karaarslan et al. (2020) 2020 Design and implementation of SDN-based secure architecture for IoT-Lab ( C A
Perera et al. (2020) 2020 Designing privacy-aware internet of things applications ( J A
Dhieb et al. (2020) 2020 Scalable and secure architecture for distributed IoT systems ( C A
Koo et al. (2020) 2020 Security architecture for cloud-based command and control system in IoT environment ( J A
Robles Enciso et al. (2020) 2020 Security architecture for defining and enforcing security profiles in DLT/SDN-based IoT systems ( J A
Park (2020) 2019 Security architecture for secure multicast CoAP applications ( J A
Koshy et al. (2020) 2020 Sliding window blockchain architecture for Internet of Things ( J A
Attia et al. (2019) 2019 An IoT-blockchain architecture based on hyperledger framework for healthcare monitoring application ( C A
Pape and Rannenberg (2019) 2019 Applying privacy patterns to the Internet of Things’ (IoT) architecture ( J P
Fysarakis et al. (2019) 2019 Architectural patterns for secure IoT orchestrations ( C P
Tiburski et al. (2019) 2019 Lightweight security architecture based on embedded virtualization and trust mechanisms for IoT edge devices ( J A
Zhang et al. (2019) 2019 Overview of IoT security architecture ( C A
Karmakar et al. (2019) 2019 SDN enabled secure IoT architecture ( C A
Durresi et al. (2019) 2019 Secure communication architecture for internet of things using smartphones and multi-access edge computing in environment monitoring ( J A
Jerald et al. (2019) 2019 Secured architecture for integrated IoT enabled smart services ( J A
Petroulakis et al. (2019) 2019 SEMIoTICS architectural framework: end-to-end security, connectivity and interoperability for industrial IoT ( C A
Syed et al. (2018) 2018 A misuse pattern for DDoS in the IoT ( C P
Witti and Konstantas (2018) 2018 A secure and privacy-preserving Internet of Things framework for smart city ( C A
Pahl et al. (2018) 2018 An architecture pattern for trusted orchestration in IoT edge clouds ( C P
Zhu and Badr (2018) 2018 Fog computing security architecture for the Internet of Things using blockchain-based social networks ( C A
Schuß et al. (2018) 2018 IoT device security the hard(ware) way ( C P
Alphand et al. (2018) 2018 IoTChain: a blockchain security architecture for the Internet of Things ( C A
Pacheco et al. (2019) 2018 Security framework for IoT cloud services ( C A
Lee and Law (2017) 2017 A case study in applying security design patterns for IoT software system ( C P
Ye and Qian (2017) 2017 A security architecture for networked Internet of Things devices ( ) C A
Pacheco et al. (2018) 2017 IoT security framework for smart water system ( C A
Ntuli and Abu-Mahfouz (2016) 2016 A simple security architecture for smart water management system ( J A
Pacheco et al. (2016) 2016 IoT security development framework for building trustworthy smart car services ( C A
Lessa dos Santos et al. (2015) 2015 A DTLS-based security architecture for the Internet of Things ( C A
Vučinić et al. (2015) 2015 OSCAR: object security architecture for the Internet of Things ( J A
Ur-Rehman and Zivic (2015) 2015 Secure design patterns for security in smart metering systems ( C P
Garcia-Morchon et al. (2013) 2013 Securing the IP-based internet of things with HIP and DTLS ( C A
Goncalves et al. (2013) 2013 Security architecture for mobile E-health applications in medication control ( C A
  1. \(^{\mathrm {v}}\)Venue type: J = Journal (11), C = Conference (25)
  2. \(^{\mathrm {f}}\)Focus: P = pattern (7), A = Architecture (29)
  3. * sorted by year of publication