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Table 2 A comparison of TRF based on different primitives

From: Predicate encryption against master-key tampering attacks

Primitives TRF description Reference Assumption Tampering times Tampering function
(c)NM-KDF H(x)=f(x) (Faust et al. 2014) - One-Time Bounded-degree polynomial
\(f: \mathcal {X} \rightarrow \mathcal {Y}\)      
   (Qin et al. 2015) DDH Continual Bounded-degree polynomial
TR-PRF H(x)=fx(c) (Bellare and Cash 2010) DDH Continual Group-induced function
\(f: \mathcal {K} \times \mathcal {X} \rightarrow \mathcal {Y}\) where \(c \leftarrow \mathcal {X}\) is public     
    DLIN Continual Group-induced function
CISH H(x)=fk(x) (Goyal et al. 2011) q-DHI Continual Bounded-degree polynomial
\(f: \mathcal {K} \times \mathcal {X} \rightarrow \mathcal {Y}\) where \(k \leftarrow \mathcal {K}\) is public