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Table 1 Top-level decomposition of SWaT

From: Deriving invariant checkers for critical infrastructure using axiomatic design principles

Functional Requirements (FRs) Design Parameters (DPs) Process Variables (PVs)
FR1: Feed water to water tanks/systems DP1: DOL/VSD Pumps Features - Switch (On/Off) and Speed
FR2: Track level of water in tanks DP2: Sensing mechanisms Value range
FR3: Track flow rate of water DP3: EMF sensors Value range
FR4: Monitor chemical properties of water DP4: Chemical properties sensors Value range
FR5: Feed chemicals to water DP5: Dosing Pumps Switch (On/Off)
FR6: Track water pressure DP6: Pressure sensors Value range
FR7: Direct flow of water DP7: Motorised valves Switch (On/Off)
FR8: Track level of chemicals in tanks DP8: Level switch Value range