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Table 3 Define relations among the core concepts

From: Social engineering in cybersecurity: a domain ontology and knowledge graph application examples

No. Concept (Domain) Relation (→) Concept (Range)
1 Attack Motivation motivate Attacker
2 Attacker motivated by Attack Motivation
3 Attacker gather and use Social Engineering Information
4 Attacker craft and perform Attack Method
5 Attacker formulate Attack Strategy
6 Attack Method to achieve Attack Goal
7 Attack Method guided by Attack Strategy
8 Attack Method apply to Attack Target
9 Attack Method performed through Attack Medium
10 Attack Method to exploit Human Vulnerability
11 Attack Strategy based on Social Engineering Information
12 Attack Target suffer Attack Method
13 Attack Target have vul Human Vulnerability
14 Attack Target interacted through Attack Medium
15 Attack Target bring out Attack Consequence
16 Human Vulnerability take effected by Effect Mechanism
17 Effect Mechanism explain Attack Consequence
18 Attack Consequence feed back to Attack Goal
19 Attack Goal to satisfy Attack Motivation
20 Sub-goal subgoal of Goal
21 Attack Method with skill Common Skill
22 Attack Method with trick Auxiliary Trick